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    My main hobby and therapy - I have a band! We're called Blue State - we even have our own web site... and our new album, "Duracool" is available for sale on CDBaby and iTunes....  
    The band, above, at The Last Day Saloon: l-r: Tom DeFiglio (drums), me (lost in song), Pat Tinling (bass) , Vince Caminiti (guitar) and George Landreth (keys.) Here's another YouTube video of the band at The Tradewinds:  
Struck By Lightning
  Playin' With My Friends  
    Here are a few YouTube videos of me playing with all-Pro lineups at The Little Fox Theatre, courtesy of the stupendous Redwood City Blues Jam.  
    With Kenny Neal, Rene Solis, Mitch Woods and Kenny Blue Ray  
With Rene Solis, Dennis Dove, Stan Erhart, Ray Figueroa
    With Terry Hanck, Steve Freund, Mick Kilgos, Eddie B  
With Lara Price, Artie Chavez, San Erhart, John Lull, Pat Tinling (Old Princeton Landing)
  Making Money Playing Music....Not!  
    But I design, manufacture and sell these Custom Products for Harmonica Players and they sell well enough to buy me a few harmonicas.....  

Bayfront Pumphouse - Menlo Park, Ca

   My Galleries
    My Best Work (well, up until 2003, anyway)
    My Photos at PhotoSig (Includes more recent work. This is where I get inspiration and critique)
    My Photos at Webshots (no longer used)
    My Photos at Yahoo (no longer used)
   Location- or Event-specific Photos
    New! British Columbia aboard Adagio - 2003
    Bass Lake - May '03
    Yosemite Trip - September 2002
    Pebble Beach Week 2002
Photography Articles
    How to take better pictures (bmwm5.com thread)
Cars and Driving

That's me - leading the slow folks through the corkscrew at Laguna Seca...

  Web Pages I've Authored
    BMW M5 Page
    Porsche 996TT Page
    Virtual M5 Driving School (w/ Videos)
    Comparison between the M5 and the Porsche Turbo
    Review: Derek Daly Academy 4-Day Formula Racing School
    Laptimes of Porsche Turbo's at various tracks
    Installation and Operation of SmarTire Active Tire Pressure Monitoring System
    Installation of brake pads in Porsche "Big Red" calipers
    Installing Brake Ducts in BMW E39 M5
    All about Horsepower and Torque and Gears and.....
  Forum Articles and Support Files

2000 BMW M5 - Best Sports Sedan

    Speeds, Gears, torque, etc. (bmwm5.com thread)
    Recommended Reading List (bmwm5.com thread)
    Octane Computer (excel file)
    M5 Performance / Gearing Analysis (excel file)
  Others' Articles Well Worth Reading
    The Warped Brake Disc and Other Myths -- Carroll Smith
    Rocket Fuel FAQ (Octane Boosting) -- Eliot Lim
    Torque vs. HP -- Bruce Augenstein  
    All About Automotive Batteries -- Batterystuff.com  
    Autozine Technical School -- Mark Wan  
    Note - These links were all functional as of March 20, 2003. When they break, I usually find out about it from you. Please let me know if you have trouble! Thanks.---gh  

15 M5's on Hwy 12, Sonoma County, CA

    The Great Independent Zaino Test
    How to "see" your paint for effective detailing
    Detailed a Ferrari 360 Modena (autopia thread)
    The Perfect Drying Technique (autopia thread)
    Product Review: California Car Duster (autopia thread)
    Note - Autopia now requires registration (free). I recommend the site to anyone interested in detailing their car.---gh
Videos I've Made (not linked from pages above)

Puttin' down the power out of Turn 5...

    NEW! Greg Laps Laguna Seca - 2003 (80Mb)
    Greg Laps Laguna Seca - 2002 (62Mb) Please right-click (PC) or Control+Click (Mac) and choose "Save As" for this video!
    CART Cars Lap Laguna - Feb 2002 Practice (17Mb)
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More to come.....  
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