2000 BMW M5

Interior     Exterior

"The fastest production sedan on the planet."
           Road and Track, March 2000

"... the M5 is as close to faultless as any car I've driven. Set the bar as high as you like, this thing will clear it. Unbelievable!
          --Jeff Karr - Motor Trend

Engine: 5.0 Liter, 90-degree V8, aluminum block and heads
Valve Gear: DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder, VANOS continually variable valve timing
Horsepower: 400 @ 6600 RPM
Torque: 369 @ 3800 RPM
Redline: 7000 RPM
Transmission: 6-speed manual
(Motor Trend, Road and Track, Car and Driver issues: March 2000)
The M5's performance, compared to any production vehicle, is nothing short of stunning. Compared to any other 4 door sedan in the world, it is simply unmatched.
0-60mph: 4.7 seconds (faster than a '00 Corvette)
0-100 mph: 11.4 seconds (faster than a Jaguar XKR)
0-100-0 mph: 15.8 seconds (unmatched by any production sedan)
Quarter Mile: 13.2 seconds at 107.4 mph (quicker than an Aston Martin DB7 Vantage Volante)
Top Speed: 157mph (limited); approx 187mph with limiter removed (faster than Ford SVT Mustang Cobra R).
Braking: 60-0mph: 129 feet; 70-0mph: 156 feet (shorter than a Porsche 911 Carrera 4)
Cornering - 300' skidpad: 0.90g (better than a Ferrari F355 Spider)
Slalom: 64.7 mph (faster than A Lamborghini Diablo)

More Quotes
"... the best and most consistently enjoyable sport sedan the world has ever known."
           Motor Trend, March 2000

"On the track, the M5 is hunkered down and grips the asphalt with confidence and composure. The instant-on electronic throttle response and the precise manual gearbox will bring a smile to any driver."
           Road and Track, March 2000

"For people who love cars, the M5 is quite simply the most desireable sedan in the world at any price. What more can we say?"
           Car and Driver, March 2000

"Without sounding like a broken record, this is the one car to beat, faster, sharper, not to mention safer, and more luxurious then anything on the market, the best sports sedan in the world then, the best sports sedan now, and maybe even forever."
           Motor Week

"The new BMW M5 is simply the best."
           European Car, June 2000



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